Duncan, labeled The Punk, is a contestant in the Total Drama series.

Biography Edit

Duncan, though a punk, came from a long line of cops. His mom, dad, uncle, aunt, grandma and cousins are cops. He spends lots of time in a police station, along with his family. He signed up for Total Drama Island due to boredom during the summertime. He is more comfortable on the bad side of the law. He has done MANY cruel acts.

Cruel Acts Edit

Duncan, being a punk, does many cruel acts. Below are some of those acts.

  • Happy Nude Year Stunt: During the New Year, Duncan suprisied his parents by jumping into confetti, naked.
  • Hair Pets: Duncan sold his father's hair pieces as pets.
  • Fountian Party: Duncan threw a pool party in the fountian near City Hall.
  • Cheating on Courtney: Duncan cheated on Courtney, a contestant in the Total Drama Series that he fell in love with, by kissing Gwen, another girl he had a crush on.
  • Hot Undies: Duncan put hot sauce in the underwear of Harold, another contestant of Total Drama.
  • Harold, the Nude: Because he left his underwear all over the cabin floor on Total Drama Island, Duncan took all his underwear and made him sleep on the Dock of Shame, and in the morning, all the girls on TDI at the time saw him NAKED.
  • Duncan blew up chris's cottage and went to jail

Friends Edit

Despite being a crook, Duncan has a few friends. All listed are castmates from past Total Drama seasons.

  • Gwen

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