This is Total drama awesome season 1 episode 1


Chris:(sits in a hot tub watching TV) is this how i'm sopposed to live life? With no Total drama? I don't know!

chef:hey chris (hands Chris an envelope)

Chris:isn't this a permission slip for a new season

chef:well something like that

chris:wait so this is.....

chef:the permission

Chris:yeeeeeeeeeah!!!!! TOTAL DRAMA AWWWWWWESOME!

chef:we should call it that

chris:we are

(theme song)

chris:were back and having out new season TOTAL DRAMA AWESOME! As you can see it's still from the original not toxic-wasted island!

(a boat shows up at the dock)

chris:look who it is it's Trent!

trent:look i only came back to clear thing up with Gwen

chris:so you don't want the one hundred thousand dollars

trent:i don't really care if i do or not (walks to the other side of the dock)

chris:up next is gwen

(the boat shows up)




gwen:(runs over to trent) what are you doing here

trent:i just entered....

chris:enough with the love parade

(another boat shows up)



duncan:hahaha it's nice to be out off (shivers)

gwen:(looks stunned) uhh i need to do something (runs up to duncan)

duncan:yes gwen

gwen:look you and me are breaking up


gwen:i want to be back with trent

duncan:i was going to tell you anyways


chris:i said enough already

(a plane shows up)

plane driver:(says something)


plane driver:drop......the......water?

chris:uhhh yeah!

zoey:(looks out of the door) AHHHHH

chef:(pushes zoey off the plane)

dawn:(closes her eyes and falls off)

Owen:wooo hoo! (jumps out)

alejandro:mama mea! (jumps out)

heather:no way am i doing this again

chef:(kicks heather out)



chef:(pushes cody off the plane)

sierra:cooooody! (jumps out)

Courtney:no use (falls out)

DJ:oh no man i can't

chef:(throws DJ a parachute)

DJ:that's it?!

chef:(pushes DJ out of the plane)


harold:what's so bad about jumping

chef:(kicks harold in the butt out of the plane)

harold:mommy? (starts falling)

chris:oh ho ho ho nice one Chef

chef:(gives a thumbs up)

leshawna:(jumps out) yeah! (while falling) This is actully kinda scary

justin:(while falling) ahhhhh the wind in my hair

lindsay:(while falling) where's the latter to this plane?

noah:(while falling) this is so boring

tyler:(while falling)AHHHHH!

chris:and look who's back

blainley:i wasn't trying to

chef:yes you did

blainley:NO I...

chef:(drops blainley out of the plane)

Beth:ooooh! (falls out of the plane)

bridgette and geoff:(whle falling they kiss)

brick:(while falling)i shouldn't be scared they should be scared

scott:oh c'mon again? (sees shark in water) ahhh!

chef:(pushes him out real far)

chris:welsome everyone to total drama awesome

heather:this isn't awesome my hair's wet

duncan:i wasn't even in the water

gwen:me neither

heather:oh is that trent?

trent:why would you care

heather:because you kissed me

gwen:what the heck are you trying to pull here?

heather:oh nothing

leshawna:you don't want to make me mad

harold:warning it's a warning

heather:how is that a warning if she's just a stuck up teen

chris:(whispers) that's why this is called total drama

duncan:woah hahaha

(heather and leshawna are fighting)

chris:settle down

dawn:i see haunting in your future


cody:can someone help me

sierra:can i pick you up

cody:uuhh no

owen:wait don't we need teams

chris:right owen! 

beth:so are we going to be seperated into teams now?

scott:yeah well soon at least

chris:yeah well right now


chris:when i call your name come stand by me Cody

cody:(walks up by chris)


heather:oh great (walks up by chris)


justin:(walks up by chris)


DJ:yeah! (Walks up by chris)

chris:Owen,Courtney and Sierra

owen:yeahahaha (walks up by chris)

courtney and sierra:(also walk up by chris)


duncan,harold and alejandro:(walk up by chris)

chris:trent,gwen and noah

trent,gwen and noah:(walk up by chris)

chris:you guys will formely be known as the massive meteors

owen:hahaha a meteor

chris:the rest of you left will be known as the great gators

tyler:but that's not fair they have two more people than us

chris:oh really

ezekiel and eva:(walk up to them)

lindsay:oh well yeah

ezekiel:nice to be back