Chris:Hello everybody today is the brand new season of TOTAL DRAMA and you probobly know what its called but their first challenge is brruuuutal hehehehehe

(a boat shows up)


sadie:yeah hello Chris

Chris:and here comes

sam:(lands on ground)


sam:you should go back to anger management classes

brandon:why do you think that

(another boat shows up)

harold:hello everybody (falls off onto face)good thing duncan's not here

(another boat shows up)

izzy:(laughs manically)HELLO! HAHAHAHA (jumps off boat)

zoey:hmmm...(jumps off boat)

cody:nice to be back (trips off boat) AHHH

sabastian:oh whatever (jumps off boat)

eva:im here too you know

Chris:i know

eva:(jumps off)

sierra:codykins! (jumps off)

william:(walks silently off boat looking backwards)

noah:ugh (jumps off boat)

phil:cool high school!

mike:(pushes phil off the boat)hehehe (jumps off)

phil:who did that

trent:gwen cmon! (jumps off)

gwen:i'm coming (jumps off)

morgan:this is cool i hope i make it far

Chris:well you dont know yet!

morgan:well nope! (jumps off)

Chris:hello high schoolers!

brandon:sam's not a high schooler he's a kindergartener


Chris:well whatever you are here today to try to get $10000

brandon:TRY to get is right because....

chris:shut up already!

eva:he is right... idiot

mike:well im not aggreeing to anything

trent:well lets just finish


chris:well are you guys ready for a challenge?



chris:a 12 minute run of death around the school

eva:thats easy

brandon:not for sam

sam:(punches brandon real hard)

brandon:(falls over)

chris:well he's out

(a thing pops up in the corner that says 17)

chris:ok everyone go!

everyone:(starts running)

gwen:this is goanna get real hard


william:can someone help me im not good at running

phil:i would if a had muscles


phil:what do you think you are

sabastian:a sheep


sam:since my brother is gone i can do whatever like video games (gets out console and starts playing) oh yeah! (runs into sierra)woah


cody:(runs past them)

sam:looks like you have better business

seirra:COOODY!i'll carry you codykins!

cody:that ok im fine! (falls over)

(a thing pops up in the corner that says 16)

seirra:CODY! (keeps running) NO!

mike:woah cody fell real hard


trent:2nd lap already!

gwen:yeah im tired but im still going

sierra:(picks up cody) i've got you



sabastian:well (falls over)

katie:i can't run much longer

sadie:me neither

katie and sadie:(fall over)

chris:what will happen up next on TOTAL DRAMA HIGH SCHOOL!


chris:Welcome back to TOTAL DRAMA HIGH SCHOOL in the 12 minute run of death

noah:this is really getting boring

morgan:oh cheer up

noah:(pushes morgan back)

morgan:(falls over)

chris:i thought you were more athletic

morgan:i am


noah:hi trent

trent:hello noah are you here for a race?

noah:uhhhh no (runs off)

izzy:but i am!

trent:uhhh really?


trent:(runs real fast)

izzy:COME BACK HERE! (chases after)


izzy:(jumps on trent's shoulders)


cody:help me more!

sierra:do you need to go to the doctor?

cody:no thanks

trent:(almost falls over)NO!!(pushes izzy off)

izzy:yahahaha i win!

trent:that wasn't fair

izzy:want a rematch

noah:might want to think about that anser

sabastian:you should do it for your own good

trent:uhhhhhh let me think (zooms away)

gwen:what was that


katie:it's boring down here

sadie:yeah bt if we get eliminated...

katie and sadie:this would'nt be worth anything! (laugh)

zoey:ahh what a butiful day it is


zoey:(sniffs the air)ahhhh

eva:move out of the way punks


morgan:it's more boring just sitting here noah

Noah:it would be less boring if i was sitting


cody:(slips out of sierra's arms)hahahaha

chris:aaaaaaaaaaaand TIMES UP!! ITS OVER!



chris:everyone who fell come up to the...oh yeah i forgot guys go inside the high school

everyone:(walk in) woaaaaah

chris:(points to a room with risers)that will be where we have school serimonies at (points to a bathroom) that's where your confessionals will be in their

eva:so whoever fell has to go to the school ceremony


trent:great!but what do we do when their...

chris:you sit in the peanut gallery



(katie,sadie,cody,brandon,sabastian,william,morgan get on the risers)

chris:instead of marshmellows were handing out tests


chris:when i call your name come get your paper,cody

cody:(gets his paper)


brandon:torture sam! (gets paper)


sabastian:yes! (gets paper)


william:i'll win total drama! (gets paper)

chris:today two contestants are going



chris:the last test goes to...........MORGAN!

morgan:yeah! (gets paper)

chris:katie and sadie im afraid you have to go on the ship of shame

brandon:(snickers) loser

chris:(hands them papers with F's)bye bye!

katie and sadie:(walk out slowly)

chris:i have another suprise welcome DUNCAN AND EZIKIEL!

duncan:(walks in)Hello people

ezekiel:yo yo yo ezikiel in the house

gwen:well well well out from jail


duncan:yeah but.....

chris:i'm afraid we have no more time folks see what happens next time on TOTAL DRAMA HIGH SCHOOL!

duncan:really right now?