chris:Last time on Total drama high school the teams had a 12 minute run of DEATH.As everyone in some way was kinda toutured,it will be even worse on this episode of TOTAL DRAMA HIGH SCHOOL!

(Theme song)

chris:(through loudspeaeker)everyone please report to the elimination room please

duncan:wonder what this is for

gwen:i know right

trent:(looks at them)hey gwen i need to ask you something in private

gwen:well shoot

duncan:well your on your own (walks away)

trent:well are you still dating duncan

gwen:i think i made it clear enough to duncan and well it's over

trent:that's just what i wanted to hear because,well i wanted to start things up again

gwen:well.......yeah sure

ezekiel:it's good to be back with my homies

brandon:hello homefry


brandon:what's up

ezekiel:(looks up)

chris:well well well everyone decided to show up

eva:just tell us the challenge

sabastian:yeah im with her on this

eva:(in confessional)he looks so dreamy

sabastian:(confessional)hey eva can i go now?

eva:yeah chris

chris:alright sheesh you see that door over their? (points to door)


chris:(opens door) this this is the challenge

trent:what the heck is that

chris:it's obviously..YOUR HAUNTED HOUSE CHALLENGE!whoever gets freaked out has a chance to get voted off

brandon:a haunted house won't scare me

sam:yeah right

brandon:what's that bro

chris:SHUSH! there's 2 part's to the challenge,the haunted statues and the pumpkin from hell

mike:so you mean like a devil pumpkin?

chris:pretty much

brandon:now that's scary


duncan:oh cmon how scary can it be?

chris:you look youself

izzy:thats right like i am (goes in)

everyone else:(walk in)

chris:HAPPY HOLLOWEEN! (slam's door shut)

ezekiel:i don't see any haunted statues

zoey:me neither

(there's an ear peircing scream)

ezekiel:i'm down (falls over)


trent:(confessional)i didn't see anything i was going to hang out with gwen when suddenly

pumpkin:(picks up trent)


trent:i feel like cody

sierra:oaf!BACK OFF!

cody:he peed his pants

trent:you can count me out

pumpkin:(eats trent)

gwen:what in the screwy thing

pumpkin:(throws knife at duncan)

duncan:(dodges) is that all you got pumpkin

pumpkin:NO! (throws angry bird plush at duncan)

duncan:uhhhh (throws it at pumpkin)

pumpkin:WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!? (blows up)

william:pumpkin guts bleah!

duncan:seriously that pumpkin is from hell?

gwen:hard to tell

trent:if he blows up that easy

cody:hey trent where are your clothes

trent:I........(falls over)


phil:this has been total naked high school

chris:you ruined my intro

phil:i guess

chris:how's this working out

mike:ezekiel and trent are you hav any spare clothes?


trent:well get some!

chris:uugh well what'll happen up next on TOTAL DRAMA HIGH SCHOOL!


chris:WELCOME BACK!just to say trent has clothes now

(ezekiel and trent are in the corner)

trent:this sucks right zeke

ezekiel:what homie?


sierra:noone can scare my codykins!

cody:im not sure about that

izzy:this is so GREAT i need sugar!

gwen:wait wait wait where's harold he's been gone since he got off the boat

harold:boo yah! (jumps out of the pumpkin)


harold:(lands on face)


harold:you know why there's no statues?

duncan:because your a nerd

harold:no because i broke them ALL!


chris:i need to tell you something eva you do something else

eva:ugh ok?

chris:ok everybody i have one more thing to tell you guys eva is evil she knows witchcraft and he even know the devil

cody:(falls over)

phil:i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i'm goaana die (falls over) AHHHHHHHHHHH

harold:(punches humself and falls over) AHHHHH

noah:uhhhhh am i sopposed to

brandon:it would be helpful but i can't help you because im scared AHHHHHHH

chris:uh hello elimination time

ezekiel,trent,cody,phil,harold and brandon:(get on the risers)

chris:like i said last time when i call your name come get you test clear



trnet:(gets his test)


cody:(gets his test) yeah!


phil:i knew i would last (gets test)

chris:and harold

harold:boo ya!

(the screen widens on only ezekiel and brandon)

chris:aaaaaand the person with the teeeeest isssssss......................EZEKIEL!

ezekiel:yes finally i don't get voted off too early!

brandon:wait!why do i have to go have to go home?!

chris:it's what the votes say

brandon:your all losers especially you sam!

sam:i didn't even vote!

brandon:wel you losers don't know 1 thing about me.Ialways come back to get ya! IF YOU THINK I SHOULD GO IM LEAVINGYOUR GOANNA REGRET THIS ALL OF YOU AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (walks out door)

sam:what a relief

chris:i think im def well what will happen next time on TOTAL DRAMA HIGH SCHOOL!

(end credits)