chris:Last time on toal drama high school,they go into a secret room hidden in the high school, which was actully a haunted house!After that i got more people in the elimination ceremony and brandon,sam's brother ended up going in the most dramatic ceremony ever!What will happen this time on TOTAL DRAMA HIGH SCHOOL!

(theme song)

chris:hello high schoolers today is the most ultimate challenge ever! but first we need teams of course

gwen:i was waiting for that

chris:morgan,phil,sabastian,william,sierra,cody,sam and mike but with heather joining too

heather:hello!Remember i'm here to win

chris:well you guys will be the tigers!


morgan:yeah cool enough

chris:now harold,noah,trent,izzy,eva,gwen,duncan,ezekiel and zoey you will be the moose


heather:you don't know what the challenge is DO YOU?

duncan:of course not

eva:just tell us chris

chris:ok i wi....

sabastian:lead already!

chris:not will......anyways today's challenge is to name all the song from TDWT whichever tem guesses the most wins!

william:i can write the stuff guys

sierra:cody will be doing that

cody:what if i don't want to

sierra:DO IT!

heather:guys i will be a big help to the team i know all of the songs from TDWT!

duncan:no,our team does

cody:well i know most of the songs heather


cody:well i want to write actully

phil:i payed attention to total drama a lot i think i know the first song it's.......

heather:come fly with us!

ezekiel:i heard that eh


trent:wait i know one of the songs it's stuck to a pole

duncan:blainerific is one

ezekiel:come fly with us!

heather:(growls) guys write down them now!

sabastian:were trying to think you know!

phil:if i die thinking i'lll DIE THINKING

morgan:oh my god guys! LISTEN TO HEATHER!

heather:she's right were not going to get anywhere

duncan:loooovin time!

cody:shear the sheep

heather:good (writes down)

phil:paris in the springtime

ezekiel:greek fight for the gold!

gwen:i don't know!

chris:uhhhhh everyone sorry to break it to you but TIME'S UP!

gwen:finally this is over....

chris:no it's NOT!

gwen:what else do we have to do

chris:well whoever didn't particapate in the challenge has to make their OWN SONG!

ezekiel:i'm glad it's not me eh?

sam:woah woah so we do this for our team?

chris:yep you have to work together with your team and the winner's will be called HEATHER:the musical

heather:what's up with that

chris:well the contestants competing for the song on the moose are Harold,Noah,Izzy,Eva,Gwen,Alejandro and Zoey

gwen:oh great

Alejandro:mama mea!

mike:wait i have a song!

heather:well say it!

mike:well......i can help your team win in heather the musical

heather:that's great!

chris:the ones from the  tigers are Morgan,Sabastian,William,Sierra,Sam,Courtney,Owen and Mike

owen:woooo hoo!

mike:(gives a thumbs up)


phil:what are you planning!?

heather:Mike is going to help us win

phil:but isn't that cheating??????

heather:well...not really but who cares!

mike:(whispers the song to owen)

sam:(passes the song on)

chris:everyone ready?


chris:great so you tigers go first

mike:you might like peanut butter or jelly.....

sam:but it's good together as you like them both put them in bread and...

mike:(trips Sam)

sam:(falls over) owwwwwww i'm hurt!

chris:well since sam's uhhh injured......the moose win

sam:carry me to the ceremony.......

(at the school ceremony)

heather:what happend out there

mike:well sam fell.......and that's pretty much it

heather:well better luck next time

mike:if we have a next time

chris:ok everyone it's time to start Morgan

morgan:(gets paper)


phil:(gets paper)

chris:sabastian,william,Sierra,Cody,Courtney,Owen and Mike

all:(get their papers as Sam and Heather are left sitting)

chris:(holds up paper)



heather:i knew it!

sam:what! it was just a mistake you know!

heather:so you can have mistakes AT HOME!

sam:well brandon is goanna kill me (walks outside)

brandon:i was waiting for you

chris:well what will happen next time on TOTAL DRAMA HIGH SCHOOL!

duncan:i think we get that

(end credits)