Total Drama High School has about 19 teens taking increasingly hard challenges. The series starts off with 16 teens. 3 more come in the next two episodes. The three that come later are Duncan, Heather, and Ezekiel.

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V.O = voted off

R.U = runner u 

 % = particapaited in heather the musical (episode) so they don't have to do Heather:the musical (song)

%& = voted off before heather the musical

Eliminations and Challenges Edit

  • First Day: 12 Minute Run of Death (Katie and Sadie are eliminated as duncan and ezekiel join)
  • H-H-Halloween in August: The Haunted Statues and The Pumpkin from hell (brandon is eliminated)
  • Heather:the musical:Naming songs from TDWT and making Heather the musical (heather joins as sam is eliminated)
  • Bursting burgers:They try to find a burger on the island that doesn't burst (Izzy and Zoey are eliminated)
  • BOOM!:They have a contest to see who can blow up the most stuff first (cody is eliminated)
  • Figure it out yourself:They get locked inside the high school and their challenge is to get out! (Sabastian is eliminated)
  • Cheater cheater:they have an extreme opsticle course around the school (Eva is eliminated)
  • Your such a big shot:They have a surf challenge on the beach near by (William is eliminated as Courtney joins)
  • Tap dance two shoes:They have a dancing contest (Sierra is eliminated)
  • Triple:Chris informs that the challenge is extreme capture the flag (Phil is eliminated)
  • You know what else is cool?:The teams collect alien evidence (Mike is eliminated as Owen joins)
  • If you know clap your hands:(MERGE)They have a Total drama trivia game (Ezekiel is eliminated)
  • If you can't take the beat:They see who can survive super loud music (Owen is eliminated as cody returns)
  • Total drama fights:They all fight with eachother in a match (Trent is eliminated)
  • WINNER TAKES FIRE!:Whoever catches a fire stick first that Chef threw wins the challenge (Duncan is eliminated)
  • Total drama island.....kinda:They jump off the top of the school (Noah is eliminated)
  • Gold:They try to find gold underground (Morgan is eliminated)
  • Were not actually at school!:Their challenged to do a test (Gwen is eliminated)
  • The final four:They challenge them to see who can take down the most posters in the school (Heather is eliminated)
  • The final three:they have a challenge where whoever closes the most amout of lockers wins (Alejandro is eliminated)
  • Who will win:Cody and Courtney clash in a opsticle course for the $10000 (Courtney is the runner up)
  • Not what i expected:Chris confiscates the money and throws it somewhere out side of the school for someone to have (no illiminations)